"Optical camouflage", MGS style.

Just a draft to see if I was able to do it.


Well it worked because it took me an extra second to notice the guy :byodood: nice effect!

That’s some nice friggin stealth. Cool effect

This is just like one of my Japanese Animes!

Nice work.

Metal Gear Awesome is well… awesome.

Back on topic, awesome pic. Nice atmosphere, posing is good, and the effect is executed very well.

Awesome effect man.

Looks great but the edges on the stealth guy could be a bit softer

Ill optical camo mah friend. Also…

^Freakin win.

He actually says that in the game :3

Really awesome camouflage effect. I love it.

Very nice.

Editing is very well done, it also took me a moment to spot the invisible man.

Stunning effect.

Looks very good!

alright, seriously, enough with these “looks good.” you’re full of shit – all of you.

there’s absolutely no depth in this optical camouflage thing at all. ever heard of displacement maps? i’m sure you have if you ever read my posts – especially you, pmnky, of all people, should know what displacement maps are to start off with

why didn’t you use them? seriously. this is mediocre at best – the only reason it’s getting any praise is because people are asking themselves “how did he do that!!!” it’s really not impressive at all. maybe if there was depth. maybe. but there isn’t, so this picture isn’t.

lost the facade, folks.

Your opinion isn’t the same as ours, live with it, nobody gives a shit that you know what is a displacement map. In every single post you make, you’re trying to show that you’re better than all of us. Constructive criticism or not.


just because you think you’re the only one here that knows what is good and what isn’t doesn’t mean you can’t be polite.


did I forget to mention you’re an asshole?

Bullshit. I found the guy within 2 seconds, optical camoflauge my ass.

I hate people getting pedantic.
I didn’t came here telling you all that it was my best work, pretending that I put a lot of work in it and that it is the best thing you ever saw. I don’t even pretend being an ace.
You’re like these guys shouting to everyone that they’re not like the others because they fuck mainstream music. The only thing that makes you over the top is your propensity to be impolite and agressive when there’s no need to be.
Thanks for the displacement maps tips, anyway… Too bad for you I will, from now, perceive your work as a pretentious asshole’s work.
Share and respect are two notions you seem to be not understanding. I simply don’t “work” for fame or whatever.