Optimal Computer Specs Question

What would be the optimal (minimal) specs for a computer to run Garry’s Mod (i.e. processor power/type OS 32/64-bit)?

I’d say Dual core, 2Gh or more.
2+ GB DDR+ ram
Geforce 8600+ (I don’t know the ATI equivalent)

Thanks. My current system has enough ram and a good enough graphics card but not enough processor power. Should I replace the whole system, risking the Source SDK not working on windows 7, or keep the XP comp and just spend the extra money to upgrade the processor?


…then again, my graphics card is only an ati radeon 3100 - not quite the equivalent to geforce 8600

It’s not my computer, do whatever you want to.

I ran Garry’s Mod on an AMD Sempron 1.8ghz with an ATI radeon 9600 and 1 GB of DDR RAM :v:

You’re gonna need the 6-core i7 980x as well as 4-way sli 480gtx’s. It’s also mandatory that your pc case is red. Your computer will explode if these requirements aren’t met.

I used to run on a P4 3.6 ghz, 2 gigs of RAM and a Radeon x600 series card. It worked reasonably well.

just go to www.canyourunit.com to find out if you can run a game on your computer well, ok or not at all. works for many games.


just select from the drop down half life 2

That site is a load of shit. It said I cant run BioShock 2 at all but I run it at all high.

I can run anything on my computer since its overkill…

intel core 2 extreame QX9775 @ 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM, 2x1Tb SATA HDD, intel 160GB solid state drive. CD/DVD RW/w lite-scribe, Sony Blue-ray drive.
Dual ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series PCI-E SLi (512Mb X2)
Dual 23" wide LCD Sony.
Integrated LAN and Audio, Linksys WiFI, AT&T wireless broadband USB card.

Five OS choices installed:
Windows Vista Ultimate 64
Ubuntu Linux
Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows XP Pro
Red Enterprise Linux

Basically any computer that was mid-range in 2007 can run Gmod.

Running it well depends on too many variables, namely the game mode, prop count etc.

SDK works on windows 7.

Yeah. I can run Gmod with medium settings at 1280x1024 on Windows XP.
I’m running it on a Pentium 4 531 (3GHz, single core, HT), an ATI Radeon X1950 and 2 GB of mismatched RAM.

I’d say you can play it on pretty much anything.

I also tend to run it with Wire, PHX3 and about 38 other small addons. I can break a smooth 35 fps

Well dont buy 8600GT man … Get ATI Radeon HD5670 1GB GDDR5 128 BIT PCIe X16. If you ask me I cant belive I got this awesome GFX card for so little money.

works for everyone else

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