Optimal server specs for hosting?


So I have a question what’s the optimal server specs for hosting a garry’s mod server.
I7-4790k or Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 (Haswell 3.5ghz) 4 nodes and 32 GB ram?
Of course these would be shared since its not a VPS or dedicated.
The I7 4790K is of course the premium offer from GMC many of you may know.

All input is appreciated if someone has a better recommendation.

What are you expecting to do? The CPU is definitely able to handle a large player load and the RAM seems good, but I don’t know if you’re aiming for 20 players, 32 players, 64 players, even 120 players. Even then it depends on what you’re doing on you’re server. How demanding is the gamemode(s)?

The I7 4790K is the better option, vs the E3 1270, gmod is single threaded application, and the I7 4790K offers WAY more single threaded performance than the E3 does.