Hello, i’ve a question/
Cause trees are a fps killers and it’s bad for ppl who have 2-3 GB Ram :confused:
When i look on sea it’s okay, +60 fps, but when i am in forest its look very bad, 15-25 fps, i know, it’s alpha but please optimize this :smiley:


Maybe you should look at the minimum requirements.

You sure do know a lot about computers.

What does your computer do when you run the experimental?

Because the “stable” build of Rust isn’t being updated anymore. No optimization fixes, nothing. All new work is going into the experimental branch until it’s ready to replace the old version. Not really playable as a game right now, in its current state, so it’ll be a while before the switchover.

if you only have 2-3 gigs of ram you probably shouldn’t be playing anyway.

The game is practically being re-written.

Try this for much higher fps:
-Edit steam\SteamApps\common\rust\cfg\client.cfg
-Paste down bottom:

-Now to stop it re-writing over these values, right click and select properties in it, select the Security tab, Edit, Add, type your username or Everyone, Ok, select the account, set deny on Write.
-Now enjoy your game at a constant frame rate.