Optimization for MacOS

Hello from everyone!!! First, I want to say that, thanks for developers for this awesome game! Let’s turn back to the problem. I have Macbook pro 13inch mid 2012 and Rust runnning with very low fps 15-20 fps in minimal graphics, I read some guides and understood that if I wanna play Rust with high fps i must buy new PC. So, please, Developers in future updates make a small optimization for MacOS. Thanks for reading and for developing the Rust game!!!

You have a nearly 4 year old Integrated Graphics card. You’re lucky you can even play Rust at all; Rust isn’t perfectly optimized yet, but they can only do so much to support toaster hardware. You’re going to need a new computer for higher framerates; Rust will never run well on that computer.

Here is your problem, have nice day now.

I have a 2016 Macbook pro at work and I am not going over 15fps with the lowest settings and the lowest resolution.

I’m glad to have a real computer at home.