Hey guys before we get started, here are my PC specs

And yes I realize this game is in alpha, this isn’t a thread about complaining, it’s about optimizing the player experience!

GTX 670
i7 4770k
16gb gaming ram
500gb hd

(Lowest render setting, Grass off)

So I’m kind of curious as to what fps you guys normally get in rust, With this computer there is rarely a game that will not run at 60+ fps in highest settings so I’m a bit confused, inside my house/low pop areas I get 60+ fps, however, when I look in certain directions and in certain areas I will drop to 40fps (on highest graphics) and 40-45fps (on low) these are perfectly acceptable fps to play at, but playing at them can show some nasty screen tearing and stuttering as well, these could be unrelated but they probably are related, if anyone has a fix for this please let me know, as it would greatly improve my experience, Thanks!

TLDR: Ways to optimize for fps and less screen tearing/stuttering


I don’t know why it doesn’t works fine…

I have a GTX 660
I 5
16Gb RAM

and it all runs super smooth without any stutter or lag… Would it be the ping for your server ?

My ping is usually acceptable, 60-70 (it fluctuates) do you get any screen tearing at all? and what’s your average fps?

I’m sorry i didn’t checked my FPS but, i didn’t notice any rubberbanding, stuttering or anything less… Maybe (rarely) some little late refresh on the screen (0,5 seconds maybe) but i think this is mostly about my screen itself.

I’ll look tonight for my FPS. My rig isn’t the best but my PC is clean and doesn’t have a lot of things installed on it. Cleaned daily with Ccleaner, register etc. Latest drivers for graphics cards…

Alright, The biggest problem for me is the MASSIVE screen tearing that I get, I’ve never seen anything that bad before, though I’m usually too focused on the game to worry about the performance

Try enabling V-sync from the nvidia control panel.

I thought about that, but the input lag from it would put me at a huge disadvantage

What is your general graphisms options ? Fantastical ? Everything on low?

You could cap the FPS to 40/45 with MSI Afterburner for the time being until the game gets more optimised?

Game seems to stutter when loading assets. Especially in large pop servers. Not much you can do i guess. If you have an SSD you can try moving the game there, otherwise pull the game folder to the outer edges of the plate of your HDD. ultimate defrag allows you to do that. Also, defrag while you’re at it.