I’m having hard time running rust with stable fps, especially in gunfights. 4x Scope drop fps, bloody screen when hit drops fps, gunshots drop fps… from 100 to 20, like what a hell? I have GTX 980 and i7 4790k and its not about specs either because after “Devblog 97” my fps went to utter shit and I had stable 80 on ultra settings no problem. I know this game is in development and stuff and I shouldn’t really write such threads, but really, I can’t enjoy this game when new updates that suppose to make game better ruin performance. Its like the whole idea with 1 update once per 2 weeks with testing out shit before release has went to trash.

Well you seem to have decent specs. I run Rust on a GTX 970, i5 2500k and it runs well.

Is rust running on your gtx?

2560x1080, ultra-wide monitor
GTX 970
8GB RAM (one stick, the other got “bad block”)
2x SSD (One for Windows, other for games)

Maxed settings on game and I get between 30 and 60fps. I don’t see too much drop frames in gun fights

What kind of bandwidth are you getting?