Optimize 60 players DarkRP server

Hello guys, I run a DarkRP server which is pull with 60/60 for about 12 hours every single weekend, and i’m experiencing extreme optimization issues.
The choke in netgraph displays 7, everybody’s ping is as high as 150, and performance is just terrible. (currently on an E3)

I was told to not lower my tickrate under 22 as that would completely destroy the physgun, and I found this to be true, so I was wondering what are some of my options? - before I hire a coder for what I was would be up to $100/ hour without guaranteed performance.

Somebody mentioned the config file:
Messing with these for optimization of a 22 tickrate?

I had also considered using dbugr but apparently that’d be an unproductive choice seeing as my server only stutter with 50+ people on. (no issues whatsoever when under ~45)

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Report me all you want :slight_smile:
This thread was redone because of the trolling I got. I guess people have nothing better to do with their time (like you).

ALSO, it’s kind of ironic of you to spam a thread in order to let the OP know you’re reporting him for spam, we have a smart one here!

uhm, spamming = multiple messages, not just one, also, there was literally no troll in your old topic, they all gave you the 2 only options possible, the small config wont have much of an effect. Either you follow what options they gave you, or you live with that.

I think the bigger question. Did he even attempt to follow the advice that was given? Its one thing to try advice and it not working and seeking other areas of avenue for help BUT if you’re just gonna dismiss what people say because it doesn’t fit what you wanted to here thats something else entirely.

He never looked as if he tried(please read the whole other thread, where he literally states that he doesnt want to try those options), plus he probably seems to be too lazy to optimize the addons/pay somebody to do that, god knows how many addons hes running, which might be even useless.

I read through it and had given him the bod that he would attempted some of the fixes/advice. I’ve been on servers with a bunch of addons/players and i always get horrible lag. Whether that has to do with the poorly coded addons or the amount of players or even the gamemode itself i have no clue. But it should be a clue that having a lot of anything isn’t good

Sometimes the lag can be caused by the machine itself, if the cache isnt cleared, but I once saw an DarkRP server with 90 slots, and I was “kinda” fine, and I get lag already on 10 player DarkRP Slots, even though I normally was fine on darkrp.

Alright, so now that everybody’s trying to rip on me. I Had tried to follow the advice of a couple posters, they suggested I install dbugr and see what caused an out of the ordinary CPU allocation, and I didn’t get any helpful results.
NExt up, it was to install a module which I refused to, because I do not want to modify core DarkRP elements.
And lastly, i’d think it’d be a no-brainer to pay someone else to optimize your server for you, also, host two small servers. I don’t need people telling me that.

Don’t mean to come off as a prick in any way, but i’m seeking helpful information.
My server is ranked #5-6 in DarkRP because of my high activity level and attitude on the server, not because I know how to code. To be honest, I don’t know how to code for shit. But paying up to $100 an hour for lua optimizing is my last resort.

Then you got no other way, as they said, the only options are: You/Someone optimizing your whole server, or split up the server and connect them with a database, all the big communities do that, and with 60/60 for atleast 12 hours a week, you should already get some donations in to pay such an developer, and if not, try placing ads on your website, even now I get 200 views a day, and I get sometimes a click, and the ads dont bother those people. and the server is TTT 14 slots.

Ok, I guess you’re too stuck up of a prick to understand. You’re saying you’re the #5-6 DarkRP server, congratulations. If you’re the #5-6, you should be getting donations, right? You’re only get two options, which are helpful, and then my third one I added, which would be best I would say if you can’t understand the first two options.

Option A: You optimize your server, or you hire someone to do so.
Option B: You split your 60 slot server, into two 30 slot servers, and connect them together with a SQL database. [Who is gonna complain about this? “Oh shit, I don’t wanna join the Server #2 cause I gotta use a different IP :/”]
Option C: Close the damn server.

Here is my suggestion, you’re coming off as a cheap ass, so I would suggest Option B. But if you want more money, and wanna be this #5-6 server, then pay someone to optimize it. Otherwise, all anyone has left is close the server.

Also, all of these same options are listed in: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1488229

Have a nice day!

Note: whitestar, you seem like a good Server Owner, keep up the work man! [Even though I don’t know your server XD]

This going slightly off track but I find it funny and a little missed up that your having this issues. I used to host a darkrp server that got full on every occasion and not once did it lag as badly as your describing. I also reached the max amount of lua files that were allowed by the server.

I seriously feel you should get rid of some addons that aren’t needed, that or find the one that is causing the issue and tell the coder you bought it from that it is causing issues. Mainly because I feel if you paid your money for a item and its causing issues that should probably be on their side to fix. That be like you buying a $100 toaster that always adds on 60 secs to your time burning your toast to a crisp.

Also a side note you don’t want that debugger on the server when your not testing anything. If I remember correctly that will cause lag, because its only supposed to be used to determine what is causing issues. As a matter of fact you could use it to see what hooks or whatever are being called so often to lower lag.

Finally I see that your frustrated but you should look at it from their perspective also. You may not have been trying to be rude but I am pretty sure you be peeved if someone you tried to help gave you the middle finger.

Here’s the thing buddy. I stongly believe my server gained its mass popularity so quickly because I had the same mindset as what I believe the creator of Divinity had. I simply made a bareback server with some useful Scriptfodder addons, offering a bareback/vanilla experience of DarkRP.
I cannot offer exclusive content for donators, resulting in me being short of just about $500 a month.
There’s no issue for me to simply add custom content and custom jobs for $100-200 each, but I do not want to go through that path.

I may look into placing ads on my website, thank you.

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How about you just hop the fuck off my threads?

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Buddy, I don’t think your servers got full up to 60/60 for days at a time, my server is BADLY overloaded with an already very low tickrate and some optimization.
I will attempt to use debugger and see what is causing the issues (on a test server).

Thank you for your time!

:wideeye: :why:

First not every custom content costs 100-200$, 2nd Since you use “many” SF addons if I may be allowed to say, you clearly should check through those, since, even though they got moderated, some still sneak in backdoors, or stupid other shit, I try not to use scriptfodder myself.

"How about you just hop the fuck off my threads?"

No thanks, I’m trying to help, but you’re not understanding.

I’m gonna list a few more points after reading some things about your server.

You most likely have condebug enabled, disable it.
Remove addons that have no use on the server.
Lower prop limits. [Idk your prop limit, make it like 30 or something.]
Also, please, for the love sakes, don’t do 22 tick. Minimum is 33, for a clean experience. If you wanna list more details about addons you have and shit, I can help more, but you’re not listing enough detail.

It is ironic how this guy keeps making threads but everyone that has attempted to help him he has ended up telling to fuck off pretty much.

Why is he even here?

Sir, You just earned yourself the Gold user rank!

It is, but some people just don’t learn. I tried helping him, I gave him some options, but they might improve his lag issue by 1%. So, yah. But this is what happens, when someone who doesn’t know Lua or gLua, they come on the forums coming for help. I even did this, but I have learned from those days XD

Unfortunately this isn’t Reddit and garry doesn’t want your money :suicide: