Optimize More

I need to know how to optimize more…

I func_detailed already,
i used func_visclusters
i used areaportals
hint textures
nodraw duh!?

my map is empty with few rooms and a race track

how is it compiling so slow? it doesnt take hours but almost,

vrad is slow too, i set lightmap scales all to 32 and above

any suggestionS? or u wanna look inside my map? sure

I know areaportals can sometimes cause more problems than they solve.
And I don’t mean to offend but your sure you don’t have any leaks?

also could you give some pictures of what you have done

Can you post your vmf? I wanna see it

No, just post the compile log.

Compile log isn’t gonna help us terribly.

kk, i’ll pm you, but if you have time, help me post some screenshots :smiley: thanks

do you think this will help?

no, func_viscluster does a better job, all the hacked VBSP does is take the 1024x1024 blocks that are regularly used to split a large open space, and make them larger. Func_Viscluster can just skip all those leafs because the compiler assumes (with a func_viscluster) that everything contained in the func_viscluster can see each other

also, offtopic, did anyone else read the title in the Heavy’s voice as “Optimize some more!”?

I think the question failed to be asked is did you remember to add a skybox? And if you did, is it done correctly?

this would crash VBSP, or at least leak it, and he wouldn’t be able to properly compile VVIS and VRAD would skip BuildVisLeafs, making his compile faster (even though it’s improperly compiling).

He’s complaining that VRAD is taking too long, and most people have a slowdown at BuildVisLeafs, due to unoptimized lightmaps

He has a skybox. It’s just way too high.

This is from his map.
Hope you don’t mind if I post this pic, pinoy.


Make the skybox as low as possible. That should make the compile faster.
The player is never gonna need to go that high anyway.

hmmm, yea thanks for the screenshot! i’ll try to lower the skybox :smiley:

you should extend the func_viscluster to cover the entire empty area just above the terrain, since it still cutting all the area outside it into visleaves, and with how big the map is, that’s still a lot of visleaves

so the space that isn’t covered by the func_viscluster could be the main reason the compile takes so long,

ah thanks, kk