Optimize Rust for normal gameplay please!

Hello, Facepuch community,
I am getting 30 FPS on High, 50 FPS on Low settings in Rust even though my PC isin’t that bad.
If it’s my PC tell me how I could fix this. On higher requirement games it runs as smooth as possible.
Thank you for any advice.

My Specs:
• OS: Windows 8.1 Pro
• CPU: Intel i5 2500 @3.30ghz
• GPU: Gigabyte G1 Gaming GeForce® GTX 970
• RAM: 8GB
• SSD: Samsung EVO 120GB
• HDD: 1TB
• Case: Cooler Master Scout2 Advanced
• Power supply: 600W (not the chinese one) 88% efficency

Best regards,

That’s odd. I’m on a laptop (ASUS G751) with a GTX 980M and I’m getting around 70-90FPS @ 1080P on max graphics.

What’s your CPU, sir?

his CPU would be Intel Core i7 4710HQ (2.50GHz)

Then this doesn’t make any sence.

Game’s optimisation is a bit strange and disabling some features will actually lower your fps instead of increasing it. For example, setting shaders level to minimum will drop my fps in half. I didn’t thoroughly inspect this, but here’s my settings which I find comfortable to play. You can increase overall graphics to make shadows smoother.
I get 50-70 fps on most servers (which will drop for everyone on lag spikes, welcome to rust). i5-3450@7870LE

It runs 35-45 FPS for me on these settings. Very strange stuff.

What about these settings?