Optimized in new RUST? Don't heard

So, let’s start. I very love this game, much effects, great grass, water, textures and gameplay at all. But, do you heard about optimizing?
New stuff like a items, world items, map objects are great, but first do optimize old stuff for gamers PC’s
For example, i have now Intel i5 4x3.7, 4 gb RAM (tomorrow up to 8 gb Kingston(1866) + 4 gb old memory(dual channel)), nvidia gtx560 1gb, but i can’t play on simple graphic :expressionless:
So may be all the developers will take the first optimization than new items and a ton until the desired junk???

Sorry for my english, use in part google translate. With love from Ukraine.

not yet. still too much development for real optimization; they are doing little bits by improving code etc, but the majority is not ready for that step.

So how users can help with test stuff, while game is so hard for hardware :expressionless:

I am not sure about that - that they cannot do some real optimization at this point.

But you would know, being the expert and all. I almost thought for a minute this was just something people kept repeating on the rust forums but wasn’t necessarily true.

yeah, hopefully they can do some more optimization soon. a lot of us can’t play now.

Optimization is something that you do last. Because if you spend too much time optimizing something before everything is locked in solid, you may find yourself needing to throw out the entire batch of code and start over because the design has to change, and then you just wasted a whole bunch of time optimizing something that was then thrown in the trash.

Make it work, then make it fancy. Premature optimization is the root of all suffering in this world.

garry knows about experimental not being optimized, and you should expect things to become more optimized in time. However, they just switched to using the Unity 5 Beta and added SpeedTree, so things are everywhere right now.

I don’t know that it is intended to be the final minimum specifications, but right now experimental seems to chug hard on systems with 4GB of RAM but has no problem where there’s 8GB or more. That’s something to take into consideration.

It doesn’t have much to do with RAM. Graphics card and CPU is more important. Lots of us have 8 Meg of Ram and still run into problems.

And, sorry, I am not buying the simplistic argument that parts of the game cannot be optimized now because they are still adding to the whole game. Software is more complicated than that.

I do believe they will optimize pieces of it when they can, and trust them to wait when it makes sense. It is still important for FB to know how many of us can’t play right now.

It does have problems even if you have 8 gigs…

I’m sorry but I disagree. I couldn’t play Rust with only 4GB memory. Well, if I was lucky enough to log on, moving or anything, entering a forest, any kind of PvP and it was unplayable. Not only did it freeze the game, I couldn’t even ctl alt del. My whole PC froze and the hard disc just went crazy.

This was solved by adding an extra 8GB. nothing else was changed. Now I don’t have any problem whatsoever and have never enjoyed playing the game so much :slight_smile:

Fair enough. So on some PCs you need more than 4 megs of Ram. But for a lot of us having 8 megs of ram does nothing. We still can’t play. That is what I meant about the computer specs other than Ram being important.

I was replying to whitetail who said “systems with 8 Megs have no problem at all”. Which is not true. IMO blaming players PCs or implying they need to upgrade their Ram is counter productive.

I understand where you are coming from but before this game is optimised as elixwhitetail noted in his first sentence, and the fact that a memory leak has been confirmed by Garry himself, the first and best thing to do is increase memory.

I meant “no problems with performance the way 4GB-system clients have”, not that experimental magically works perfect if you just give it an extra ram stick. Experimental has many problems, but increasing the RAM to 8GB on a machine that should otherwise be capable of running it solves a particular performance issue that people are having right now on 4GB systems.

You shouldn’t have to buy more RAM just to play experimental, but you can also just wait (and try Rust periodically to see if things have improved). Optimization’s not something you get too hasty about unless you like wasting time.

Where is this coming from that there is a “a particular performance issue that people are having right now on 4GB systems.”? I don’t see any evidence that many people with 4 megs are having issues. Many of us have issues and have 8 megs of Ram. Clearly upgrading my Ram would do nothing to help me. My options are either install a much more powerful graphics card, or wait until FB can improve the performance.

We are just trying to help. PC systems become outdated very quickly. I wont tell you my age but I’ll give you a clue. My first computer upgrade was building a 16k memory module for a ZX81 myself because it was cheaper than buying one!

My advice, if your PC has 8gb memory and still can’t play Rust, then yes, you need to upgrade GFX/CPU. If your PC is half decent, 8GB will let you run Rust no problem as it stands at the moment. The test I have run show that just launching Rust will use over 3.5GB memory. It will then start using your hard disk as paging space… thats when problems start.