Optimizing a dedicated server for a GMOD server

Hey FacePunch community !

I actually own a dedicated server and I know that SRCDS is only using one thread etc, etc…

After a lot of searchs, I’ve found interesting things, like a man who’s saying that he has optimized the kernel of his machine, to have better performances with SRCDS.

I’ve also found a lot of tricks but not something really concrete.

So, I’m here to ask you if you have some trips & tricks to have the best optimization for SRCDS on a dedicated server.

I think this question can help a lot of community owners,

Thanks in advance,


Hi Gaby, I myself just started up a dedicated server, about to set up a second one.

Feel free to add me on Steam! https://steamcommunity.com/id/Serenity2/

I’d be happy to tell you the various things I use. My server is not developed by me alone, but also by my brother who’s in college for computer science so things generally are pretty well set up