Optimizing a very big func_water_analog

So I am making another water big water map for Garry’s Mod. I have already released the previous one you guys helped me out with. Thanks very much!

So in this level, I’ve got a func_water_analog. It runs from bottom to the middle of my level with the max radius from front and side. (so the area is huge)
What I am wanting is a sensation that the 'tide is coming in" and it happens when you flush a toilet… The output is set to “Open” like 3kliksphilip showed me.

However, When I start the analog ingame… Im getting like 2fps. Anyway I can optimize this? Thanks.
Here’s the idea…

I also have vis_cluster running from top to bottom (with a clip in the middle to give the water some room) :smiley:

Nevermind lol. Got some of it figured out.

how did you make big water area me it crashes every time

ah ive done something like this. i hope your not making a pretty map, scale up the lightmap scale on it by, oh i dont know…to 40 and up maybe? it will calm rad down with that. my func_water_analog stretched across the entire grid, with 32 units to spare. i cut it in 4ths and made the lightmap scale some 50.