Optimizing an open yard

So I’m working on a trainyard, and of course, its an open yard. I don’t have to worry about the rest of the map because I can seal that with a tunnel. Any ideas on how I can optimize this? The skybox height has not yet been set, but the yard is about 12k by 10k units. Any ideas?

Make nodraw around any trains, and then add hint brushes around them, this might work correctly for you, or it might not. Worked when I was mapping a trainyard, you could see in wireframe how the geometry on the other side got culled if you where behind a train.

I understand what your saying, but this yard is for prop made trains, so I’m not sure that would work.

Oh it would, as long as you do it right. I was actually being specific to prop based trains.

Oh, then maybe I don’t quite understand :stuck_out_tongue: I do no draw everything un-seen by players, as do I area-portal the inside of buildings and such, but as for outside, despite my best ideas, I still end up rendering all of, or most of, that section. Which is why I came here.

Hint brush, maybe? Or just some thick fog to block the players view?

Yeah, basically you can make blocks around trains with nodraw and then add hint brushes that touch the skybox and the train, then some more that touch the ground and the skybox and one side of the train hint brush + the nodraw side. Basically you’re making the train block visibility by using a nodraw brush around it, which is why you need hints around it, and not just one hint through it.

Yea, I thought of fog, it kinda is my last choice. Doesn’t fit well with the map. Question, Can a Hint/skip block have more than 1 Hint texture?

In a wide-open yard you’re also gonna have long compile-times when it comes to VVIS.

You might wanna make a func_viscluster brush within the trainyard or wherever there is an excessively tall skybox. That will make all visleafs within there ‘see’ each other. It will cut down compile time drastically.


No. Only one face should be hinted. The others should have the SKIP texture.

That’s wrong.
You can have as many faces as you wan covered with “hint” on a single brush. It just means that the one brush will have multiple hint planes.