Optimizing DarkRP server?

Hello Facepunch!
I’m going to start off by saying that my server is currently at a tick-rate of 16, it will not go any lower than that - so please factor that out, now, onto my story: I run a server which peaks at 70-80 users on a daily, while the lag isn’t horrible, the spike in performance is very noticeable as the server fills up and game play stutters on occasions and the chat it delayed by a few seconds. I’ve come to realize that whenever a user is kicked or banned, the server will completely freeze for up to 5 seconds at a time aswell? (I use ULX)

I currently run on a dedicated Xeon E3 1273v3 machine, at 8% CPU usage. My DarkRP server is ran off of a MYSQL database that is rented at the exact same database, with a 2 ms latency, so that can’t be the issue either.

Would anybody be able to provide me a general idea of how I can go about optimizing some addons? I’m fresh to lua, and all i’d done thus far was create multiple huds.

jesus christ 16 tps that’s lower than the fucking minecraft default
setting it higher may help with your ban freezing problem

I can’t see it helping with the freezing issue, but lifting my tickrate will only cause more lag on the server.


didn’t read post thoroughly && i was being dumb

Hey, if you look closely at my original post you will come across the following: “I currently run on a dedicated Xeon E3 1273v3 machine, at 8% CPU usage.” My entire machine runs at 8%, I was simply factoring out people claiming it may be my host. The core on which my server is hosted on, spikes to 100% usage at 85 players.

Isn’t this like your 4th thread asking how to optimize your server and in each of those ones they just ended up in arguments because you wouldn’t listen?

Actually no, my last thread was from a year ago, where I took the advices I was given.

Took advice and flame at us right?


I don’t recall?
But ontopic - are you using this thread to bump your post count up, or actually help a user? seems like spam to me.

Obviously we’re just getting our post counts higher.

What addons do you have?

M9K, arcbank, awarn, apanti, drugsmod, FPP, itemstore, plogs, partysystem, simpleweather, and rPrinters.

Your lag that occurrs when someone is banned is probably caused by ULX. Basically, whenever you ban someone, ULX serializes the ban list using their ULib.MakeKeyValues function. If you’ve got a large ban list (and I assume you do with a DarkRP server of that size), you’ll notice some lag whenever you ban someone. You have two ways of solving this. The first and least desirable option involves purging your ban list until the amount of players in the list is low enough. Your second and most desirable option involves using a global ban addon that uses MySQL instead of writing large files. Usually these addons have a converter packaged with it.

I’m also pretty sure that the kicking problem is caused by ULX, but I don’t have the code to back that assumption up at the moment.

Well, thank you buddy. That’s one issue solved as i’ll be installing a global bans addon. Do you have any suggestion as to which one I should pick?

Bump after two days- I’m still failing to understand why some developers are refusing to help me, saying I’ve been rude in the past. Firstly, my initial thread was from 2015 where the only suggestions I was given was to “REMOVE ADDONS”, and secondly, I was told I don’t listen to their advices. when I was clearly asking how I could alter addons to be less resource-dependent.

I’m still trying to figure out how to optimize the base/darkRP gamemode, aswell as some addons i’ve listed that I use.

The darkrp game mode itself doesn’t need much optimising, some of your addons will be causing lag for the server, you’ve already pointed out ULX.

When you type net_graph 5 in console take a screenshot when it lags and post it here.

I will do that tonight, when my server peaks. Thank you

I was told by AStonedPenguin aswell as Poseidon servers that they had an immense performance increase when optimizing the actual gamemode though.
Also, is there any groups mod more optimized than ULX? I have yet to come by big Darkrp servers which dont use ulx

yeah just remove darkrp. that should fix it