Optimus Prime Ragdoll

Okay this is a basic pointless request, because I don’t think he’s ever even been thought of being made yet, but I still want to ask if any body made him or has found one.

you serious, no body is even goin to tell me if they goot one or found one or not, come on guys, this is only a request, and a very cool model. after all isnt this what requestin is for. and FYI, im not talking about the optimus prime from the movie, im talking about the one from energon when he powerlinks with omega supreme. if any body can tell me how to put pictures on posts, then tell me so i can post a picture on what he looks like. please and thanks guys.


Like him?

BINGO! you got it! thats the one. and like i asked, how do you put pictures like that in your posts? cause i want that one, and the other one, when he powerlinks with omega supreme in the series “energon” when they fight unicron. and almost nobody knows what he looks like. so its vital that i know how to post pictures.

so can any body tell me how to post pictures

P.S banner flair=me

and shadow_of_intent, are you like, a friend of mine, or are you like those guys in my ccr thread?

to put pictures in your post, then get an account on photobucket or a site like that, upload some pictures and then look at the picture information, there should be something called an IMG code, copy and paste that in your posts and the picture will appear there.


here is an example of what the power of IMG code pasting can achieve:

Note the time paradox in the picture…

thanks to you, ive been goin through almost every thread askin on how to do this thanks again.

That is Omega Supreme from Energon.

That is Optimus Supreme (When he powerlinks with Omega). If you can’t find some of the details about Omega On his picture, then you can find them on this picture because it is basically just Omega Supreme with Optimus’s head.

Okay this is the last one. Unicron. He is supposed to be bigger than like five planets, but he only needs to be scaled down to about 3x a person size.

Okay so theres the reference material, so can any body take this request on?


Now, topic related, this is a pretty hard request considering that his whole shape also has to be correct when packed up as a vechicle.

I am gonna be working on a g1 prime rather than the armada prime if that helps any of ya.

no. i dont want him to be packed up as a vehical, i just want him to be in the forms you see in those pictures. and it was hard gettin those pics so use what you can look at there. and what i am tryin to say is:

I don’t want them to transform, I just want them in their robot form.


Thats fine, itll work. but can you also do the unicron from armada too?

A friend? Well, im not going to bash you for making a stupid request. I think he would be awesome to have!

Uh, just a little clarification, note that my post says I posted back in 2008, that is the time paradox.

hm hope this comes in i want this one too…

Okay, so what about them? Can’t somebody make them? I know they aren’t that hard, and I would make them myself and give you all a download link when I was done, but I don’t have the right program to make them with. So now that there is a reference to what they look like, can’t somebody take this request on? You would probably get popular around on F.P. for quite a while like Luigimario and Mariokartn64…

Still working on the textures:


just realised its the wrong version since its the truck and not the untransformed version.

So when do you think it will be done?

And are you just making the vehicle version of him, or are you doing both versions?

And do you think you can make a Unicron from one of the series?

Sorry for all the questions, but I need to know…

For getting it done i don’t ever give out an exact day or date its done when its done, I’m doing both versions:


that’s how far i am ragdoll wise so its pretty far off from been finished since i only started it a hour ago,

as for unicron i can take a stab when i do i don’t know.



progress now

and just too bump it: