Option to play rust from standalone files instead browser

Could we get option to play rust from standalone client instead from our browser or there will be some bad consequences? As unity also allows to build as standalone client, it could have good affect on gaming performance.

You should assume that’ll come…

taken from garrys blog. “We’re going to stick with the webplayer for now – because we can update any time we want, it works on multiple platforms (except linux), and it’s easy access.”

As Snapster said,

They use the webplayer so they will be able to update globally without people having to download a new client.
My guess is they are pushing updates every so often that it’s more fitting to use the webplayer.

yeah, it has its pros and cons, easier to hack and cheat, but also easier to update, since they’re constantly upgrading it right now, it’s better to have it on browser.
It will go standalone afterwards for sure. and garry said it will be on steam.