Options and Legacy Browser menus are bugged


I’m contacting you regarding a glitch in my game for an unknown reason, what happens is i’ll go to either ‘Options’ or ‘Legacy browser’ and the menu flickers in between of all the tabs. I took several screenshots, if you inmagine them in a animation and sped up that is what is happening. Basically, I can’t access my settings nor use legacy browser.

Thank you.

Try to verify your cache. I had the same problem.

They’re bugged for me that sometimes when I refresh the normal browser, no servers appear at all and i must restart GMod or try luck with legacy… Also, even after the very long time since GM13 release, there is no favourite button and you must do that through the legacy browser. Such a simple thing, why can’t Garry fix it? And I didn’t mention that in my legacy browser, under favorites, many servers appear which I didn’t ever favourite or play on, with their IPs in the name.

Because Garry no longer works on GMod. The servers that have their IP as a name are servers that don’t exist anymore.

I tryed reinstalling and verifying my cache. I still get the problem.