Options problem - help me!

**I got a little bit of a problem :(.

I couldn’t find any reset options button help me!**

In the game’s directory there’s a file called settings.cfg (I think that’s what it’s called).

If you delete that then all settings will get reset to default.

Just set them new.
Or what exactly is your problem?

I can’t find it!

I don’t have the game installed right now so I can’t check for sure.

You could probably “Verify game cache” in Steam, that might grab the file if it’s missing. But from what I understand the file just gets made from scratch if it doesn’t exist.

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… Or you could just fill in the settings. It’s pretty simple WASD setup. ‘E’ is use, iirc, ‘F’ for flash, ‘G’ for laser. Typical Ctrl for crouch, shift for sprint. Altfire is right-mouse, I’m sure. ‘V’ is voice. That’s pretty much all of them lol. Not a lot to it.