Options/settings to increase game performance

Hi, ive meen wondering if theres a way to raise my fps in gmod, ive tryed setting the launch options to -high but that doesn’t seem to help much. Normally I get about 20 fps on max settings but my friend who has a computer that is years old and isnt nearly as good as my computer gets about 160 on the same settings all the time… I have a Dell latitude 35500, here are my specs
Ram : 4 GB
processor : Intel® Core™duo cpuu p8800 @ 2.66GHz 2.67 GHz
Video card: Mobile intel® 4 series express chipset family
-I just bought it a few months ago…

Is there anything I can do to increase my frame rate, maybe a launch option or application?

Lower your graphics settings then?

Did that

get rid of some of your addons?

Actually, your specs aren’t very good, that graphics card is integrated.

Btw, just because your friend’s comp is years old doesn’t mean it sucks ass.

Right click on Garry’s Mod, go to Properties and click on Set Launch Options, type in -dxlevel 80 in the bar and hit OK. It should increase it to +20fps. Also have your settings on low.

  • No AA or AF.

wait what?

and my specs suck :/?

Anti-Aliasing and Aniostropic(?) Filtering. Turn them off.

Well, you dont really have a proper graphics card, its intergrated. Get a external one… (Btw, i would recommend Nvidia, now im gonna hear all the ATI fanboys freaking out. But we’ll, its mostly cause i find that ATI gpu’s burn faster down, and NVIDIA is built better for general purpose)

In the last thread he made, he said he is on a laptop.

That’s weird. Cause those specs mention nothing about mobile…