Options/settings to increase game performance

Hi, ive meen wondering if theres a way to raise my fps in gmod, ive tryed setting the launch options to -high but that doesn’t seem to help much. Normally I get about 20 fps on max settings but my friend who has a computer that is years old and isnt nearly as good as my computer gets about 160 on the same settings all the time… I have a Dell latitude 35500, here are my specs
Ram : 4 GB
processor : Intel® Core™duo cpuu p8800 @ 2.66GHz 2.67 GHz
Video card: Mobile intel® 4 series express chipset family
-I just bought it a few months ago…

Is there anything I can do to increase my frame rate, maybe a launch option or application?

Video card: Mobile intel® 4 series express chipset family
Buy a dedicated graphics card. My 9800GT 1GB cost me £100.

Ati 5000 or higher, or an nvidia 9 series or higher.

Problem is, you normally can’t change your graphics card…

Only if it’s a laptop.

You can plug graphics cards into PCIE slots. V2 is best, but it works in V1 too.

My computer is 3 and a half years old, and was able to upgrade to a new card. Then again, it came with a 7300LE.

Well I have a laptop :stuck_out_tongue: so is there anything I can do?

-dxlevel 81 in the launch options. The game will look like shit, but it will run.

Works great, thanks - ive nearly doubled my fps - is there any thing else i can do? i heard putting -high helps is that true?

-wrong thread-

That should set the hl2.exe process priority to high. But I can’t remember if it is included in source, or just in GldSource. It won’t have a noticable effect unless your CPU is really slow or you have a lot of processes running.

Wait where do i do that?