Orange Box JiggleBone decompiler

hey :slight_smile:

can anyone upload the file again pls :wink: ?

many thanks

if you’re gonna bump a 2 year old thread asking for some one to fix the link why not PM the OP instead

This looks extraordinarily useful, I hope someone has it to re-upload it.

here is it :slight_smile:

1000 times thx to ferdam :wink:

Hell yes! Thank you and Ferdam! Rated you polite

Haha, I had like 10 jigglebone_qcgen.exe files inside every HD I have (3 HDs), dunno why but somehow I’m happy that 1 of these copies were useful !


The decompiler also tells me that this is a 44 model, when i looked at the sourcecode i discovered this means it isn’t an orangebox model, but is that correct? This model is pretty recent:

Im the happiest guy in the world now. Today the summer holidays began for me, and now BAM, a jigglebone decompiler. Lotsa thanks ferdam, and of course krunchy for making it!

ooh, I am too late =\

Sorry for bumbing an old thread but, would anyone please re-upload it? I’m getting “Sorry, but your file wasn’t found!”. I appreciate your help, thanks!

Thank you, W0rf0x, this is really useful (At least to me).

Hey, this tool would be really useful right about now, but the link is broken and I can’t get the source to compile, it can’t find studio.h.

Sorry for the necro.