Orange Box

If I got orange box would it give me the content from Half Life 2, Ep 1, Ep2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2?


Yes. Proof:

Would i be able to get the models and stuff without having to buy any games? Not an illegal way


Time to get $10
Whats the picture about?

Oh and for the record, Half-Life 2 content is automatically included with Garry’s Mod. However, you will not have HL2 maps unless you already have HL2 content, as Garry’s Mod only requires one Source game from Valve. The Orange Box, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat and Zeno Clash content will be supported in GMod as well.

Whats that picture with the error?
Thanks for the help

It’s just the red glowing ERROR model, implying that’s what you’ll see if you don’t have them.