Orange Cosmos Roleplay (OCRP)

Yeah, the gamemode’s come and gone plenty of times, but I’ve always loved playing it and there don’t seem to be servers that run it anymore. If you’re interested in trying, it’d be a little bit of work to get it up and running on a server, but totally feasible.

This gamemode tends to attract people that create incessant drama. Please don’t post if you only want to start problems. On the other hand, if you find bugs or have suggestions, please do post.

Images? Features? Anything?

Frankly, I’m too lazy to make a huge list and take pictures. Sorry.

Google Orange Cosmos Roleplay and you’ll find plenty of youtube videos and the like from Orange Cosmos and Catalyst Gaming. This version has some extra features, convenience fixes, and visual changes, but at it’s core is the same as OCRP has always been.

It’s an RP gamemode based mainly around cars. You can grow drugs as a citizen, raid other players to steal theirs, or work as a government official. Jobs include taxi, towtruck, firefighter, police officer, mayor, SWAT, police chief, and medic. Whether you work or grow, the ultimate goal is to make money and buy expensive cars. The mode is well suited for semi-serious roleplay but could easily be played casually. It includes a skillpoint system and crafting of weapons/items. Let me know if you have more detailed questions.

Why put “sh_” in front of files when they’re already in the shared folder?

There are very few files in there that I created. Almost all of them are created by Jake or Noobulator. I never bothered to fix any of the silly things like that.

On that same note, I’m certain more than a few of the files in there are obsolete, but again, I never bothered to remove them. I focused on fixing what was broken and adding a few new things. If this picks up any traction I’ll put a little more effort into cleaning it up.

There are a lot of things broken still I am looking at the code and testing this out, I get like 100 lua errors :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you setup MySQL?

Also, is there like some chat commands or console commands to give you items like the phone and stuff like that? To lazy to look in the codes :stuck_out_tongue:

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No… I don’t ever mess with MySQL on gmod since I break everything doing it I just installed the two modules but didnt know where to create the tables… I am bad at that lol.

There are no cheat commands.

You will not be able to run this gamemode without a proper SQL database.

Uh… Is there a tutorial for how to setup MySQL… I am not great with that stuff lol.

All I really need is to know were to put the MySQL tables.

Shouldn’t be running a server then if you don’t know how to set it up even.

I am not running a server I have a private server I use for testing things I make in LUA (usually are broken) I just don’t mess with MySQL I never really bothered to learn anything of it.

-snip- unnecessary, sorry!

Hey, could you explain the election system or give a list of chat commands? Thanks :D.

There are no chat commands save !vc to edit some of your vehicle controls using VCMod.

The election system works through the mayoral NPC in the building across from Nexus. As a citizen, speak to him to enter your name in the election. There are some issues with the ballot (particularly that sometimes it runs forever without electing a mayor) and I’d appreciate any debugging observations anyone could make on that front.

I know I just have a habit of saying LUA in all capitols since I don’t think it looks right personly. Anyways, I won’t make a hissy-fit over MySQL anymore I’ll just figure it out xD

Hello,the gamemode work fines but how i dropmoney ? /dropmoney don’t work.

I’m actually modifing the design and adding rpname.

You cannot drop money. If you aim at another nearby player and press F4, a trade window will open. You can trade money and items that way.

Fade thing is the gamemode creator created an skin for his gamemode but he never use it. It would make thing very simply if he actually used his skin to color all derma

Hi again just a few quick questions. 1. How to you become SWAT or Police Chief? (after becoming cop)
2. How do you trade with another player? 3. How to tow cars? 4. How does the mayor edit taxes/economy? 5. Are cars meant cars create a spreading fire when the explode?

Thanks again, Vin. :smiley: