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This is an Advertisment, for a new, great, and worth-trying community. We currently run a 16 Roleplay/Build server. You can locate our website at and our IP - We are a very friendly community, And you are recommended to check out our server & forum.

The Crew

Super Admins:

-=OJ=-GizMo (Owner)

-=OJ=-BradenFase[FuG] (Co-Owner)





The Power of Pine-Sol


VIP - $2.50

-Model Manipulator
-More Tools
-Youtube Player
-Alot More

Admin One Month (Can play monthly) - $5.00

-Ass Mod Access
-We can remove your admin if abused

Admin Three Month (Can play monthly) - $15.00

-Ass Mod Access
-We can remove your admin if abused


-PHX 3
-Wire mod
-Youtube Player (VIP, Admin & Super Admin Only)
-Durgz Mod


Citizen (Starting Occupation)

Normal Classes

Gun Dealer - Sells weapons for a good price, It’s legal to sell weapon’s with a license

Chef - Feed’s the members of society with his/her lovely food.

Banker - Stores people’s money in his/her vault.

Doctor - Takes care and heals members of society.

Bartender - Sell your lovely beers, drinks and other wonderful liquids to members of society.

Governmental Classes

Police - Protects the people of society, and bringing criminals to justic

Police Commander - Takes control of the Police Force.

S.W.A.T - These unit’s take over if things get out of hand.

Mayor - Leads the city to a great city.

Criminal Classes

Mafia - The dangerous ones, these lockpick, steal and think of anything you don’t want to happen to you

The Don - Leads the Mafia, bringing in loads of cash.

Terrorist - Terrorize the members of society, hold ransoms and kill high status people.

Drug Dealer - Sell your drugs to people of society.

Black Market Dealer - Sell your goods and stuff to good bidders.


Paying to become an admin is an incredibly stupid idea, even more so on DarkRP.

DarkRP is so shitty. Get a better gamemode.

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - Benji))

Thanks for the feedback, But It seems DarkRP is the most popular, and attracts the most people.


We’ve just upgraded to 20 slots, but the server will be down for a few days.

who the fuck is going to pay for admin on a server
i never saw the point of putting your money in some shitty rp server that’s not going to last more than a week because no one plays on it/it sucks

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - Benji))

I say your a retard but that doesn’t make it true, now does it? Remember people, think before posting.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming." - Benji))

It was my opinion.

Actually, we’ve had five people pay for admin, Our server has been up for 1 week now and its been full everyday, so learn to shut your gob before you speak you twat.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Benji))

Because I magically knew that when I posted, right?

Their is a server history tab at the bottom of OP…

No there isn’t.

DON’T SELL ADMIN, NEVER, JUST DON’T DO IT You are a moron for selling a lead position on a server, when people have the ability to buy admin, little kids will buy it, these little kids then start breaking the rules of RP with the excuse of “Ir adminz STFU NOOB!!!/banned user”. It will lower your server population, and get you a bad reputation, I don’t care if you need the money, you should never have started the server if you could not pay for it yourself. A VIP rank is understandable, but don’t sell ranks that give you actual power over the server :bang:

I have a server, give me money plez

Okay, Here’s $5, what’s your paypal?

thanks for being such assholes. if youre all about sarcasm and negative replies gtof and spare us this uselles spam thank you.

hey zodiac i’m not one of those assholes i appreciate your server and i would like to be back in it again even though i was recently banned for doing something stupid like spamming steam id = VINAROSO

I was actually about to post this server but no. Gizmo already did it. Also, soldier34 became a faggot and left.

I’ll see if I can check this server out later.

I checked it out the admin Zodiac or some shit like that was rdming everyone with a sniper when we complained he was like STFU N00B,

Any ways ima put this in the blacklist thread.

Let’s not get too hasty here.