Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) Hit With Plasma Grenade

Hey, I just got a bunch of halo models and this is what I made.





So what do you think? Is it too bland? To dark?

Posing is weird, no AA, filter rape.

Posing ok I think but the edited versions wy blury man.

Horrible posing, horrible editing, and horrible camera angle. Please improve on those before posting any screenshot again.

Thanks for the advice people! I’ll work harder and spend more time on it next time. Also, thanks for the criticism!

Needs a better camera angle.

Alright, I’ll give you constructive criticism.
The posing is way too stiff looking. Whenever you pose, open google images and browse around a photo (IRL) of someone doing that pose. With a reference it’s so much easier. Once you’ve made afair number of poses they’ll come naturally and you won’t need to do this.
The camerawork is bland. Put it closer to the action. Since the title is “ODST hit with plasma grenade”, I’d’ve centred it on him, with the others nearby. It’s also a good idea to angle the camera, for example, tilted slightly left or right to simulate a knock or whatever, or placed at someone’s feet and looking up to give a sense of power, or placed above them and looking down to give a sense of meekness.
You could also blur the background to give greater emphasis to the action.
Just don’t filter rape again.
And yeah, when posing, shove settings down for no lag, and whack them as high as they go when taking the shot.

Ignore the people who bitch and whine, they’re idiots. Keep practicing and you’ll get better.

At least he takes criticism well, unlike some other people…

Omg stop talking about Deathbucket he’ll hear you!

Okay, thanks. I see I need to work on my camera angle. Thats a biggie… and I just began editing, so I guess I’ll poke around. Thanks again for the help.

Overall it needs improving.

I hate to be saying this, but it’s amazing how bad some things can come out. The idea might be good, but for some reason, a lot of pictures that get posted here just don’t come out right… I’d suggest taking a good look at the better works posted, and REALLY look at your picture to see if it came out well enough for your standards.

No after looking at it for a while, I didn’t like it anymore, so yes your right. And don’t hate to say that either, because it IS the truth.