Orbital MAC station WIP

I was bored today and tried my hand at making a station. I started with a basic concept: A multi-leveled station with multiple cockpits, no engines and about 9 MAC’s on each level. Its purpose would be to serve as a sort of pan-optical defense platform, able to quickly respond to a threat and attack any hostile ships that dare approach it with multiple volleys of MAC fire capable of tearing capital ships in half. it’s far from finished at the moment but heres so far what i have:


Not much so far, the MACs are SENTS but I haven’t wired them up yet. If you look closely you can see there are two levels and MACs underneath the corridors to the cockpits. Here so far is what i have observed:

Able to fire on multiple targets from several angles
Placement and design of cockpits ensure no blind spots
Solid formation with cockpits being supported by MAC guns

FRICKIN HUGE!!!, takes up a huge chunk of flatgrass and would be pretty much impractical in all spacebuild maps (unless someone follows through with that player-relative skybox idea i heard about)
Most likely would lag servers (unless they are extremly stable and everyone has a good computer, mine is a custom built quad core with a terabyte of storage and a Geforce GTS 250 graphics card :D)
vulnerable to attacks from the top and bottom (needs shields or fighters to back it up)

Planned Features: More levels, more MACS, some more SENTS, some turrets to deal with the attacks from top and bottom, and some more stuff.

Comments & Criticism?




Too much SBMP, and anyone with any aiming/flying skills could take it out from anywhere on a SB map since its so freaking HUGE.

I like SBEP, and i did say i was gonna add some turrets at the top and put in some shields. I mostly made this just for fun

So it can pretty much take anything out that’s directly to the side?

Working out a way of directing a cannon might be kinda cool, i was thinking deathray satellite when i clicked

Also, you must have a load of unused interior, i only use what i can fill with features.

SBMP should be meant for interior, not exterior.
It simply looks effortless and stupid as well.
I’m not against SBMP, but when you use it, use it right.


And what is the point of making it that HUEG?
You can’t ever fill out all that space >_>

Have you learned nothing from previous Sbmp threads?

NO1 DARE correct me on the acronym

SBEP :eng101:

oh wait I fucked it up too.

SBEP. I’ll just say that now.

Also, horribly, horribly impractical. It would be hard not to miss it with any form of ordnance.


I’m going 2 give you both a kick 2 the teeth RAGE

As much as I hate all the rage against SBMP/SBEP, I do like to point out that there’s no reason to make something this huge, mostly because the MACs are ADMIN ONLY on servers and you would possibly run into a proplimit/RSO creation.

Look, use SBMP all you want, just don’t post them here without something significantly good attached


SBMP or SBEP or whatever the fuck it’s called.

It looks like shit.



I wish i could say the same for wraiths with 9 Gatling guns

Very nice mate. Must have taken hours.

More like minutes.