Orbital MAC station WIP

more like seconds

Looks like a bunch of dicks.

lol it does

okay, teleport a few lasers above it, and you can destroy this with no trouble.

or, even teleport inside, and kill the shooters, there is so much space to hide in, it wouldn’t be hard to play cat and mouse with the guy inside.

Try shrinking it down, so it can be practical. It also really needs something to protect the top/bottom

A few problems.

  1. SBMP/SBEP/whatever: people don’t like that here.
  2. Not practical

Try using vanilla props. And slightly off topic, but Gmod hates multicore stuff, and only renders on 1, even if you have 8 cores. I don’t know if servers run the same, but the individual core speed is more important than number.

Because you’re won’t call a model pack by its actual given name and I will?

Bring it little boy.


This man speaks the truth.


It looks coool.

Sarcasm right? Please be sarcasm.

anyway, Sbmp fail.

I love SBEP to death, but that’s massively overdone. I prefer building single or double MAC stations and using the advanced gyropod to rig the entire station to aim at the target. One person can operate it, just use an advanced pod controller to aim the station and your vehicle to control a couple of defensive turrets.

Or, you could have a little network of three or four MAC stations and a ground or orbital station feeding them all XYZ coordinates so you can hit the target from multiple angles and have a defense system that can’t be taken out as easily as one massive station. I built a system like that once, I had them stationed at various spots around the planet, and you could select which ones to fire, so you could select only the ones on that side of the planet, or ripple-fire them. Twas cool.

sbep sbmp its all for the greater good



What’s the diffrence between SBMP and SBEP

Somebody with great flying skills and a small ship with high fire power could take that thing out like Luke did to the death star.

i used to bullseye womp rats smaller than that in my t-16 back home

Someone with no flying skills, a bomb and a catapult could take it out…

i got some lol in my eye ouchies

SBEP bombs of course.

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Same thing, just that it’s now called SBEP. Though the elitists aren’t aware of that.