Orbiting planets map?

I´ll make this plain and simple.
Are there any maps that have orbiting planets, or at least moving planets. If that is the case then would you mind giving me a link.
Sorry for the rudeness.
That is all.


There is a request section you know.

Planets can’t be moved, because they are displacements, displacements can’t be moved. So they are none.

There may be a map with models as planets, but I don’t know of one.

Sorry about the wrong section, but is it possible that there are maps with a day/night cycle? I think i have played a map with planets that had day/night cycles.

Couldn’t you make a brush based sphere and make it a func_tracktrain in an orbit path? If it was far away you wouldn’t notice the lack of detail

I´m not sure i understand more than 0,0000001% of that. Not really into the mapping community.

I started working on an orbiting planet map. I never finished it but I’m considering working on it some more after I finish my SP contest entry.

Cool! I´m not trying to be pushy but if you were to do it, what would it´s ETA be?

Well, I hardly even have it all layed out so not for a long time.

Yeah I was thinking of making one aswel. Saturn with it’s best known moons (Titan, Rhea, Hyperion). Only one limitation i can forsee is that building on it would be almost impossible. Imagine what would happen if you froze a prop on a moving planet.

Considering you can’t create planet based gravity, this is nye on impossible.

Ulysses Universe.

What is that, link?

It was a gamemode with spherical planets, which players built on the outside of, instead of on a platform on the inside of like in Spacebuild.

Why did that gamemode die anyway

SB3 got over complicated, both to use and install.

Did Ulysses Universe or SB3 die? Or both?

Ulysses Universe died. I think they said something that the engine change didn’t include some stuff.

Word. I remember building huge spaceships without actualy risking a server crash. That has changed =/

eh, not moving planets, but go search for gooniverse some time