Orbo gun

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask for this but…I was wondering if anyone can make a weapon for me. An orbo gun is a gun used for hunting witches in the anime Witch Hunter Robin. Orbo is this sort of green liquid, that when fired at a witch it weakens them. Now I do have a picture of the gun…and also a video of the hunters using the gun (its a long video but it shows the gun). I would like the gun to fire green bullets and when it hits anything it leaks green. Also maybe use the same sort of sound they used in the anime when fireing the gun?



Is this the right place to ask for this or do I have to go to another thread?

This is the right place, and it seems doable. The hardest part would be the model, but that could just be a pistol or something for now. Since I can’t code too well, this is how I would ATTEMPT to do it: Make the tracers green (Perhaps airboat), and make the bullet hole decal the antlion’s bloody spot when you shoot it, and the sound would be extremely easy, I could make that for whoever wants to code this.

that sounds good…but i dont think the model would be that hard would it? just make it a darker pistol with a little cap on the back sticking out? then again im not a modeler lol.

Modeling isn’t the hard part, it’s porting it over to source as a viewmodel

known anyone who can do that? o.O

Long answer: Maybe/Probably
Short answer: Sadly no…

People could do that pretty easily.

well since i know 0 people…someones gonna have to know someone…

so anyone got someone to do this yet or…?

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If you make the model i will code it, just for you. :slight_smile:

lol…im not a modeler…i cant even make a box…

How the fuck i got banned for asking a simple god damned question is beond me…anyways im trying to find a modeler, so if u want to code it just stick around till i find someone…oy this is hard

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