ORC Invasion!






Nice, the motion blur is perfect!
Your avatar is friggin creepy by the way…

Killer Klowns From Outer Space yay.

The motionblur is good, but the SuperDOF is… Well… Looks like you raped the pictures :stuck_out_tongue:
(hint, never go over 1.5 in blurriness)
Good posing, and nice Idea :slight_smile:

They’re okay but go easy on the depth-of-field.

Whoah, looks like the area in Assassin’s Creed, even though I only played it like twice, I remember the area.
Nice Pics.

blur blur blur blur blur blur

I like the angles and the posing :stuck_out_tongue:

where did you get those finger-posable Dark Messiah knights? At least it kinda looks like there is fingerposing.

I got them from my hard drive. :downs:

What the fuck is up with that axe in the first picture?

The low-res ness is well, low res.

Damn, now i regret deleting my 4 GO’s of medieval models :frowning:

You have bad eye sight if you can’t identify the difference between low-resolution textures and motion blur.

You should have more of them fighting together, it’d look more interesting.

Well shit.

I guess I’ll do a sequel.

With the criticism applied, of course.


Love the angles.

Someone did this a while ago, but It involved a Dragon. Was Crai I think.

Still, editing and posing is great, the DOF is a bit outta place in some pictures.

Yeah it was crai.

Basically what inspired me to do this lol. I didn’t wanna pose the paokai cause I already used him earlier.

Lot’s of motion blur doesn’t make bad posing go away.
And few people saying “fucken Awesome!” doesn’t make you a better poser.
Even though there’s lot’s of shit going on, I recommend to trying to fix most of the posing issues before or after you actually share what you’ve got.
Also the motion blur makes my eyes twitch.

Let’s call the posing bad without even explaining why :downs:

highway to good criticism I’ll actually give a shit about.