Ordering a server - What do you guys want to see?

So yeah, title says it all.
What is the most preferred gamemode?
I’m looking for the gamemode that will have most players on regularly.
I will maximum pay 15 Euros each month for the hosting.

dam , theres no option “There’s too many servers and this wont be played on”

sandbox some addons

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how about you fuck off

An RP gamemode, something that isn’t mingeable like DarkRP, but not super-serious like OpenAura, some sort of “light” roleplay, where you focus more on your charachter than selling guns or getting money, and remember to add a theme to the roleplay ambient.

thanks for contributing to the thread

thanks to everyone else who actually provided some help

if you really want to make your server popular you need to do something unique with it to attract players

as dingusnin said there are already loads of hosts for the gamemodes included in the voting options