Ordinary Photogallery


My only praise is that you didn’t make an individual thread for each of these pictures.


anyways they’re all the same :C

I really like the Splinter Cell one.

how did u make the A.V.A soldiers eyeposable?!

Kinda generic, but all the screenshots are okay.

Generic Fest 20k10


I think these are good, the splinter cell one has some white bloom glow though :3

I believe thats called nightvision.

Oh come on Chesty…
Everyone does their own thing, stationary war shots just happen to be his (and a lot of other people’s) but still.

Yeah and some people’s “things” are boring as shit.

Yeah, they’re all pretty boring and forgettable. The last 2 are my favorite.

I would consider that a kosher excuse (fuck Jim, Uberslug and I are the chief offenders for WWII and I make enough HL2-related pictures to fill the section quota all by myself) except that these are all literally the same dudes in the same kinds of environments doing the same kind of thing

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I think what makes me the most irate is that all of these fuckers can pose really well, they just have less creativity than the average garden paving stone

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Oh wow the one of the dude doing a massive slide on Skidrow, that’s pretty clever… why can’t you do more like that and less like every other goddamn picture here?