ore/stone nodes only spawn in ocean in Seattle

There are massive amounts of stone nodes in the very edges of the map under the water in Seattle Facepunch Server. Please fix. Stone nodes are almost non-existent on land.

^ This.

Fill the airdrops with stone/ore, we need help!

Swam into the water and saw a few myself before drowning. Not one of my strongest moments…

yah this is happening to every server that goes long enough without a restart it seems. The higher the population the quicker all the nodes end up under water.

Here’s an example

Yea, this sucks. Can’t find stone anywhere, and everyone that got on right away already has their massive stone forts.


Same on London 1. not a stone in sight on the land anymore.

Yeah same issue with community servers

Washington is suffering from this issue.

Geeez my screen blowed up. Why picture is in normal size, thats should be rendering to forum size.
Whos forum mod, i want to talk with him :slight_smile:

Its apocalypse, someday all of animals would die so we ll eat other humans. We need to be ready for everything.

After seeing this thread, I took a look on the server I admin, and seems like nodes are starting to spawn under water as well. Won’t be long now till there isn’t a node to be found on land.

This is a pretty game-breaking bug. Hope they get it fixed pronto.

Every server had a restart yesterday… but our server pop was over 200 for a long time last night.

Anyways, Thanks all who posted something here. I tried encouraging people in my server chat to post here as well and most people said I was full of it.

That’s impressive! What treasure. Shame I ain’t got that scuba dive gear BP yet…

Sounds like a simple fix, just make nodes not spawn lower than the sea level.

Is there a finite amount of nodes? Like if they fix it like you said, there would still be all those nodes down there- can they be removed so they would start spawning again?

EY YO GARRY! there are some game breaking shit going on right here. Thank you for your attention

All the nodes are still under water :frowning:
I’d put in the extra work for my c4. I’d free dive those nodes at the cost of 50hp+ per… if only I could swing my pick axe under water.

Rustafied servers were wiped again half an hour ago to fix this issue. The facepunch severs still not. I hope they need to wipe them again. :slight_smile:

Ok appearently the spawning of the ores was fixed with that update, but since there is a maximum of ores and that is already reached undersea, they still need to get rid of these ores that are undersea. Rustafied did this by wiping - let’s see if facepunch finds another way or wipes again too.


For the Seattle server => Please wipe and use a different seed. The map is almost identical to the last one.