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Looking for people that will stay on the server even if getting raided, it’s part of the game and it can happen to any of us. We want players dedicated to this server, and help us make this game a more enjoyable experience.
We do not support scumbag behavior, but this is up to you, if you want to be a bandit or a peacemaker… Or both depending on situations.
Your reputation can make a difference.

No Admin Abuse here. Only two of the 6 admins have rcon access and they only use it for events or help players in some situations.
Giveaways are items we have, not spawned stuff. If someone wants to give away their stuff, contact an admin so he can start a raffle !

Server location : Dallas

Game Settings
● PvP On
● Airdrops will drop when 8 players or more are connected
● Crafting is 50% faster
● 2min Sleepers
● Backpacks locks 2min
● Decay alot slower
● No durability

Oxide mods
● Custom Loot. C4, M4 Craftable only. (Explosives not craftable, loot or buy them)
● Kits (Every 24h)
● Economy
● Kill/Death Rankings
● Chat History
● Fix Your Name
● Server Info
● Ping
● Player List
● Prefixer
● Private Messaging
● Tickets
● Death Handler
● Limited Sleepers
● Player Location (auto-location)
● Prod (admin only)

Kits reset every week or so.
Active admins and moderators.

Ask us for mumble info.

Website :

Steam Group :


Event tonight in 30 min come check out for nice reward.

Will give away nice loot tonight, items I got from raiding someone’s house earlier !

Fun times tonight

Sad how this ended… =/

Seemed like a pretty friendly server. Was playing a bandit-role with a couple friends, and we were successful on our missions. The admins and their friends have two massive mega-structures which were basically unraidable for us, so we never raided them, but we did skirmish with them in the wild… and beat them soundly.

I guess that was too much for them. Earlier today my friend and I were coming back from a raid and heard footsteps behind us… we looped around a rock a couple times and I got a glimpse of a name. Definitely somebody invisible following us. I asked in chat and nobody answered.

Then we got to one of our outposts and it had been raided - not just raided, but a 3x3 building with SEVEN WALLS gone and three doorways completely missing. Not just doors gone, but doorways literally gone. Then we see a “FrostyDemon” nametag (an admin) and we ask him what he’s doing. He responds by shooting us both, then banning us both.

It looks like this isn’t the first time it’s happened here (see the post by the AOD guys on the Steam forums), so just be careful on this server. If you do want to play here, just don’t be better than the admins. (Which admittedly, isn’t very hard)

Sanders and Lis were banned for hacking and using exploits. stop spamming our posts. get over it.

Hacking and exploits = playing better than the group of admins. Just be careful guys, they only want people on the server they can roll over easily.

We have good players on the server. You were obviously cheating. You were reported by everyone you killed.
The way you stared at me for a good 10 seconds when i was invisible and not moving for 3 minutes.
Admins have limited tools to spot hackers, I’d prefer lose a few shady people than see everyone quit because of them not being banned.
And again, thanks for bumping my posts.

We banned three hackers and AOD guys were on our side. They saw them ghosting. You don’t know what your talking about kid. Get lost

Thats the only available admin tool to spy on people and make sure they are legit. If we think they are not, expect this to happen. This as nothing to do with being good and wining gunfights.

Was this before or after you caught me speedhacking but did not ban me? Or maybe this was right before Cheat Punch banned me (even though I don’t have any VAC or Cheatpunch bans on my ID)?

Sorry, just want to make sure it’s clear.

Keep bumping dumbass, thats awesome !

Fun server, admins get rid of hackers quickly and there is no admin abuse I have seen, either. Server has a great community; bump


New arena plugin !

Ragnarok sale for the week-end, everything on the shop 25% off ! Have a good end of the world everyone