Organik Rust PVP/NoSleepers/HalfCraft/Shop/Arena/Kits/RareC4


We want mature players that don’t cry when they get killed. Losing your stuff is part of the game.
If admins know you were raided and you stay on the server to start over, instead of looking for a new one, we will reward you.

No Admin Abuse here. Only two of the 4 admins have rcon access and they only use it for events and giveaways.
Admins just want to play the game and enjoy it like everyone else.

Server location : Dallas

Game Settings
● PvP On
● Airdrops will drop when 8 players or more are connected
● Crafting is 50% faster
● NoSleepers

Oxmin mods
● Custom Loot. C4 Craftable only. (Explosives are limited to low percentage loot only)
● Kits
● Economy
● Kill/Death Rankings
● Chat history
● Raffle
● Server info
● Ping
● Player list
● Prefixer
● Private Messaging
● Arena
● Tickets
● Death Handler
● Bounty (soon)
● Progressive Player Attributes (soon)

Active admins and moderators.

Ask us for mumble info.
Events 4-6 nights a week.

Website :
Steam Group :



(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

Good server with good people and fun PvP.

Entered the wrong IP sorry, here is the new one.

After the launch of your new server on a new provider the server is running extremely well. We want to thank everyone who showed up for the Server Move Event and all the new faces enjoyed themselves and stick around for more fun times to come.

Working Great

Kits now working again, working on adding more items to the shop now.

Replaced economy plugin for the market plugin. Instead of item prices set by an admin, you set your own price for the items you want to sell.
New plugin made by me that shows server info, rules and staff.
New raffle plugin made by my friend, very helpfull for giveaways.

Airdrop madness 2.0!

We will be calling 2 airdrops every 5min for 1 hour starting at 9:45 EST.

Come and join us in the fun!


We offer one teleport per player so they can meet with their friends. Ask in game chat for more information.

Players that enjoy the PvP and Raiding aspects of this game.
Players that can play this game without emo outbursts.
Players that don’t run away the first time they are killed or raided.
Players that have a good disposition and enjoy having fun.
Players that can remain respectful at all times, even when talking trash.

Can you laugh when you kill someone AND get killed? Than we may just be your server.

The Admin are highly active. We have two Owners and two Moderators. There is normally at least one on 70% of the time. Almost 100% of the time during prime time hours. The Admin is very interactive with the Facepunch and Oxide communities and stay on top of all the latest news and plugins.

We are very noob friendly as we not only have starter kits for new players to get a leg up, but we have a core of players that have played since the Alpha was launched and are more than willing to help the new players.

We run a large number of Plugins but we don’t run any plugin that is bugged or allows for exploitation. We also are very much open to our players suggestions, comments, and concerns.

Are you tired of bad Admins, servers with borked plugins, knuckleheads running around spamming chat, or any of the other crap you find on server? Than Organik is probably a place where you can get your game on and enjoy yourself.

Come check us out, you might just be pleasantly surprised at what a Rust Server can really be like.


Awesome community :slight_smile: need more players <3


watch out that creepy craig is coming to get you tonight


added referral program to website and steam community

Events starting now :
Grenade Dodgeball
Grenade Race

Come join the fun !