Organisations for DarkRP Addon


I was wondering if anyone could assist me with this, I am looking for this that is called “Organizations for DarkRP” that was originally posted on Coderhire but I can no longer find the script.

It looks like this :

Link to the orinigal Coderhire Script :

If this script is still available to purchase / download, is there any chance someone could link me to it? Or where I could find it?

they are simmilar. dunno if you can get this one exactly anymore.

I can probably re-create this for you.


Organizations should have existed instead of player classes in the first place.

I’ve already done something about that but it’s not ready for release yet and it’s not DarkRP.

Player classes are a default GMod extension.

i’ve thinked he meant that all the different Jobs in DarkRP should be Organisations instead of Jobs.
Like the Mob Boss, Gangsters and so on.

Yes they are, so I can see why they were implemented that way. However, I meant that an organization should be something that you can join and leave as a group. I’ve created it this way in my own gamemode because then it’s possible to work as a team on running a shop (for example) or get organized to do something as a group. Then there are no player classes at all, you just get born with a new life (and a random age and gender) and then you join an organization (or create one and invite others).

Yes, that was more what I meant.

It would be good if DarkRP were more like that in the first place - but it’s a fair amount of work to change it so I stopped working on DarkRP at that point and started fresh on a new gamemode that has it that way by default. I’m sure Falco could create that though if he wanted to - or someone else can do it - and if they want to use my code as a base, that’s fine but I’m not ready to release it yet.

I think it’s a bit unrealistic to set your job to “Gangster” or “Criminal” because who does that? You don’t announce that type of thing. You form a group or a business and operate like that instead. The mafia element runs in the blood of that organization. It’s not just “/job Godfather”