Origin Issues

As everyone knows i am working on a vault project. I have created a vault door from three brushes, a 32 sided cylinder, 32 sided arch and a 32 sided spike, vertex edited and sliced to fit. The last step is animating it, and while the door opens very well, it doesn’t sit in the alcove very well.

I believe the cause to my problems is that the origin for the cylinder is not in the centre, and so when it spawns at the first path_track it is not straight in the alcove.

Any idea how to change the origin on the cylinder? The whole thing is grouped as a func_rotating, and only one of the origins is out.

Really, just model it. It will take barely any time and you can just use a simple animation for the opening, rather than a bunch of entities.

It can also be more detailed and have a better texture if it’s modelled. :3:

Out of curiosity, are keyframed animations allowed in Source or does it all have to be a bone-based animation? I havn’t really ever done any animation, just static and physics props…

Has to be bone-baesd. However, if your animating an entire object in Max or whatever it will count the object as a bone.

Any brush based fixes…i really don’t want to spend time learning to model and animate after all this work i’ve put into this door.



Very very stupid mistake was made. This thread can be closed now.

It takes about a minute to learn to make a cylinder, select every second face, then extrude them.
As for the animating, that’s not hard either.


The thing that took the longest was getting my AVI renderer to stop screwing up.

The AVI renderer appears to have screwed up…can’t run that in my WMP.

Anyway, just need to add 6 logic_relays and this sucker is done.

You probably need k-lite codecs. I think I used them.