[Original ChillZone] Murder v1.0 - By: Gmod4ever

I was a prominent member of the Chillzone community when Gmod4ever had this gamemode running. This was the Original version. I’m %99.9 sure that he would be fine with me re-releasing this, since he made a thread awhile back with his gamemode dump. This was in there, but the links are dead for it. I felt as if I have been keeping something that could turn into something great to myself (when I’m not a very good coder). It is my hope and probably Gmod4Ever’s hope that some good and unstolen (huntskikbut) use of this gamemode will come about. Gmod4Ever if you see this post some how and for some reason have a problem with this being posted, just let me know to take it down and I will.

With all this said,


So this means it’s broken (mostly timer errors) for Gmod 12. On top of that, you need to fix it for Gmod 13. If I ever find enough time, I will take this up by myself and try to get it done, but I just don’t have enough time right now with school and life.

Link: http://filesmelt.com/dl/murder.zip

Thanks guys, and may Chillzone be forever in your memories for whoever helped test this.

For anyone who thinks I stole this, I’ve been in contact with one of the Super Admins who helped keep all the back-ups and I was allowed access to the old part of the FTP. Also, Gmod’s old dump post will be posted below if you don’t believe me.


Gmod4ever’s a cool guy, I doubt he’ll mind. Thanks for posting this.

Yea, he’s cool. (He blocked me for being annoying a long time ago). No problem man. I have the Chillzone ZS from a long time ago, but it’s so broke that I doubt anyone would even want it. [ZS 1.05 - 1.07]

Quite a lot of errors, but most of them are rather simple. Mostly timers, fonts, and such. Lot of custom fonts that don’t work anymore. If the gamemode is fun ill re-make the HUD as its rather ugly.


Like I said, it was broken for Gmod 12…So it’s gunna be even more broken for Gmod 13.

It really seems to be TTT just less advanced, and a little more about stealth. It could be fun with the right maps & right amount of players.

Someone once told me this was made before TTT and Badking stole the idea or something along these lines.

Gamemodes like TTT were never really something new.

Plus, wasn’t the TTT gamemode started because of Serial Killer in ZM?

This came out LONG before TTT was even in development. I’m not sure if the maker of TTT used ideas from this or not. I’m not one to say he did or didn’t. I do know that this is the original Murder gamemode. No edits or anything. This was on our test server in 2008ish or 2007. I can’t remember; it’s been so long.

Gmod4ever made this for Chillzone.
After the servers went down, huntskikbuts stole it from Gmod and uploaded it everywhere.

Hunts “recoded” (bullshit) his own version :
The recoding thing was a lie: One of our trial admins name was ‘[TCZIS]Rovert Scott’ He had been trial admin in chillzone for as long as I remember. Trial admins in the chillzone version had light blue names. It just happened that when Rovert joined Hunt’s server, he still had his light blue title. Thus proving the gamemode was either completely stolen or based entirely off cz code. It doesn’t matter anymore, since hunts doesn’t matter (ruined his reputation with PERP i guess.)

It would be awesome if gmod could come in here and explain what happened so I could hear the whole story because even I have never heard it.

Also, on the note about the ZS; if anyone is interested, pm me and I’ll send you a link for the old broken ZS since one guy seemed to disagree with my post? Would be fun to see something nice and old on gmod. Only problem is I doubt anyone would play it. Newer gmod kids hate things that don’t have nice looking vguis and shit.

I would love to play Murder, but I would have zero clue how to fix it. If anyone could fix the gamemode, that would be glorious and I would love you.