Original Gaming 24/7 TTT Server

Hey, I’m Chuckadrew, I’m the owner of the new ‘Relaxed Gaming’ server… So, what’s relaxed about us? you might ask, well we’re a fun loving caring community who focus more about having fun and enjoying a good game of trouble in terrorist town, so rather than focussing on bad things, avoid the troubled people who make servers unhappy and just generally chaotic and come in,and relax, and enjoy a good game of Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Join us at;

Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:


Just noticed the error in the title, I said original gaming, when what I really meant was Relaxed :slight_smile: My apologies :slight_smile:

Server Specs

Server IP:
Server Location: London, United Kingdom
Slots: 12
Gamemode: TTT