Original GMod weapons are broken

A friend of mine just installed GMod and this happened as the game started:


Any ideas?

*Edit: He tried another map, it turned out even worse:


Graphics card issue; artifacting. Caused by worn-out graphics card; the card can’t hold all the model coordinates in place or something. Your only solution is to get a new one.

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before you do that, reinstall Gmod though and see if it still sticks around

The fact that is renders the world properly, yet destroys the skybox/effects shows that it might not be a GPU issue, though possible. Try re-installing. If not, I suggest investing in a top-of-the-line GPU, as a lower tier will degrade just as fast.

Here are some suggestions:
GEFORCE GTX 570 (If you’re an nVidia guy)
Radeon HD6970 ATI (If not)

Hope you find out the problem!

We don’t even know the specs.

Post specs using Speccy.

If he’s on a laptop then he needs to go back and invest more on something with more power.

He could just get a 6670 or a GTX 550 or if his processor

I found out what his problem was, he has an integraded GPU(I read those are bad for GMod), it was his sisters PC anyway and he’s going to get his own back soon. Thanks for the info though.

What the fuck? Do you get a commission or something? Mid-range graphics cards do certainly not “degrade faster”, in fact they’re often cooler and can last considerably longer.A top-tier graphics card would definately be a waste of money for anyone but the most rediculous monitor setup now-a-days, especially for Gm

Prolly had intel media accelerator which sends garrys mod into fucking warp zone whenever you try and start it up.