Original gmod?

Is there an archive or something somewhere that I can download the original Gmod from? I want to show my friend just how much better it is no.

any other versions of the bought GMod are illeagle.

Buy Gmod.

Like… Gmod V1?

I own Gmod 10… I’m not talking about Gmod 10, I’m asking where I can get GMOD 1! Read the thread guys…

The only difference in GMod 1 from Hl2 is I think the maps and yo uget the phys gun

Gmod 8.3 is a great start
Gmod 9.0.4 was a revolution
Gmod 2 is the oldest I’ve found, but I’ll look for 1


Awesome thanks. That’s should be old enough to get the point across, good times, good times…

Is that version in English?

yes but the site isnt (as you might of figured out)


no problem, glad to help

Heres a list of 2 - 9.0.4