original halflife models&textures are errors??

So I’ve this problem, I have all the games to enjoy garrysmod. (Css, hl2+ep1&2) But when I join any darkRP game, I get errors, which usually are the default hl2 textures. Whats up?

The trees are usually the dead ones from HL2 (so not the episodes)

I’m running this on a windows 7 32bit, but when I run garrysmod through my office’s mac, it doesnt have this problem…

EDIT: Yes, I HAVE been in half life 2 and made a savegame. I also did a COMPLETE reinstall of steam, and all the games I have, this did not help.

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No one?

This happens to me, sometimes TF2 will randomly unmount itself from GMod. Unmount HL2 then Remount it and see if that fixes it

Have you tried unmounting and then re-mounting like the post above suggested?

Sorry for late reply. Im sure it doesnt help, but will try. Will update

What the actual f…

It works now, thanks guys.