Original Phys gun and Phys beam model

Hey all , Can anyone upload UNCHANGED Physgun and Physbeam , Ive downloaded some reskins and now it really looks strange .

Just delete the reskins from your models/materials folders?

I did so , models just dissapeared .

Maybe you have pirate gmod?

He doesn’t. Check his steam profile.

OP. Try verifying the game, it should work.

uhh shit just noticed he speaks same language as I - Russian

It didnt .


Heavy weapons guy : NO!
Кстати привет

Can anyone simply upload some little files . Pleease

Reinstall it if the models don’t show up.

Its usually best to save copy’s of the orginal files before addin the replacements, Which folder did you place these new files anyway?

Are you sure you got all the VTFs and VMTs?

Also, you don’t need us to upload anything. Go download GCFScape, and extract the files yourself.

Thanks , forgot about GCFscape


Little problem , in GCF there are no folders Material/models/v_superphyscannon

What GCF are you checking?

Gmod content

Check “Source Materials”.

Rated useful

You’re welcome.

last question , where is located phys beam model , when prop is NOT picked up?

If I understand your question right, it should be in Source Models or Source 2007 Models. Folder models/weapons/, files v_superphyscannon and w_superphyscannon.

It was strider_bluebeam XD