Orignal Gmod DayZ - How can you bind painkillers?

I was wondering if someone could tell me how you can bind painkilelrs to a certain key?

Type this in console:
bind w “+left”

You’re a funny guy. You can’t do that on my server without loading a cheat of sorts. Better luck next time.

I believe you delete your System 32 folder.

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I don’t get it. Why people still keep repeating this super old “joke”? It’s not funny anymore (if it ever was).

The only thing I can see is, if the server has there own console command to use a pain killer, and if you can bind it to a key, but with the gmod dayz, I dont think they have that, because it seems like it would be highly abused. unless its your own server you could right a script detected that you have painkillers in your inventory, and if you do then when you press a certain key it will use then.

That’s some serious stuff you’ve got there.

You can’t bind keys? How on earth are you stopping that?

He’s got some next generation stuff.

Probably just disabled the console.

You can’t bind a key that uses painkillers. There’s just no console command for it unlike the other DayZ gamemodes written by twelve year olds, therefore it requires Lua or an external cheat. Simple enough.

Still on the offensive with the attacks I see.

I left the concommand in my version as a feature so you can do exactly that.

bind <KEY> "useitem item_medic1"

it used to be pretty funny when people actually fell for it [sp]back in 1998[/sp]