Ornithopter uneven drag yaw control.

Credit to hqdby1 for proposing the idea to me.

Force parallel to the stroke plane on a flapping wing can be induced by offsetting the static angle of the wings (the angle of attack which they hold when not moving).

This produces more drag during one stroke (as the angle of attack will be higher) and less during the other stroke (as the angle of attack will be lower). By offsetting the angle of each wing in opposite directions, torque can be induced in the yaw axis.

The net lift from the wings will stay the same as the lack of lift during the low angle of attack stroke is compensated during the high angle of attack stroke. One drawback though is uneven lift which produces roll vibration. Another is a roll moment which acts in opposite direction to that of the offset, this creates an effect similar to adverse yaw in an airplane, to compensate for this the amplitude of each wing is varied slightly.

Cool stuff. :smiley:


Oh wow. Have you ccompletely eliminated thrusters?

I don’t completely understand this, but its still quite a marvel to behold.

Holy CHRIST that thing flies smooth. This is seriously… Just… I can’t think of anything to say. It’s… We need a GMod king rating.

this thing is awesome.
any change we can get a tutorial or the e2 for this?

Yeah. Not to sound like a whining douche, but it is super mean to tease us with this and not tell us laymen how to replicate it.
(They say imitation is one of the purest forms of flattery. Just sayin’)

Its really not easy. I’ve received lessons on both rotorcraft and ornis, Ive had neither fly for me.

I’ve made plenty of ornithopter’s after I saw OP’s first thread, quite easy if you get them right the first time.
I even made one that’s got a length and wing span less than half a PHX plate. :smiley:

Thanks for the comments guys.

@ Balto: Yes, no thrusters.

@ Lygris and Rayza: Absolutely. I’ll dedicate some time to write up some tutorials. It’s time considering I’ve been putting off writing a tutorial for so long. I will make a tutorial thread and it would be nice if you could criticize the explanations, this should hopefully make them easily understandable for any person.

@ Evac: Very nice, good to know I helped!

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