Orphodox 10+ people friendly village WE GOT(EDIT: had) METAL DOORS !

we are a friendly village created before the player data wipe, we had metal doors recipe and following people are in our city:
if i missed someone out comment your nick.

if you want to join us pm me or teleskop.

thats how our village looks like:

You should request a channel on the new Rust Public TS

Yeah our village before wipe was a very friendly thing.We offered players a 1x1 flat,sleeping bags,and some dude even tried to raid us. Now we are rebuilding it :wink:

Would you allow me to join since im Sick of being Friendly to Everyone and get KOS`t

Yes ofcourse

Teleskop I am a bud of Speedlink, Ill message you in-game if you got the will to help me expand the camp!

Can i join?

Yes guys you can join but first we need move our village to an old spot

How do you verfy friendlyness exactly?
Is it probable that this village is actually an asylum for cold blooded murderers?

We started helping people that we found in forest and bam we had a village.
But now this forest is full of wild mohawks

I suggest building a wall around your “village” because people will try to raid it.

That village was so much fun.
Too bad I kept crashing on firefox and getting tped acrossed the map.
We got attacked by raiders 2 times while I was there. Fun times.

Yup,i am going to build it again in the same spot . We were safe from most of the raiders

It would be so trolls to build a giant ass wall have have nothing inside :smiley:

our village was, (now is again with metal doors L:) great, one time some night flash attacked us continuously and then ran, so we planned an attack… 10+ people with hatchets (no weapons taken to minimize looses) raped a hut of this guy he was close so as we died we respawned and furiously came back to attack :smiley: we killed him fast. its huge fun with us, join and you’ll see

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bad luck :frowning: i hope you gonna come back to us

i’d definitely join as soon as i get a key, it sounds fun !

If you guys want i can give you a clan channel on my public rust teamspeak!
Just an offer :slight_smile:
teamspeak ip:rustgaming.com

i cant find the area im seen already alot of areas like this now sure which 1 is the one i need some 1 who can show me

do you guys plan on destroying something soon?

cant find ur village