Orthographic CalcView in SWEP's

How do I do it? I am sorry if you didn’t come here expecting a question, before this is possibly answered.
Would the code look a lot like this? <anything in these quotes will be replaced, quote to quote, with the described code>

function SENT:CalcView(Player, CalcOrigin, Angles, 90)
    local CalcdOrigin = Vector(0,0,0)
    local CalcdAngles = Angle(0,0,0)
        <code to set CalcdOrigin>
        <code to set CalcdAngles>
    local NewView = {}
    NewView.origin = CalcdOrigin
    NewView.angles = CalcdAngles
    NewView.fov = 90
    NewView.ortho = true
    return NewView

If not, please tell me how I could do it.
Do I have to add any Hooks? :quagmire:

You are missing the entire ortho parameters, also fov is obsolete right here.

You’ve been told countless of times to use render.RenderView, why do you keep using CalcView then.

Use render.RenderView inside the HUDPaint hook.

render.RenderView is the only function that can give you Orthographic display, CalcView may change it to look like a 2D sidescroller, but so can RenderView.

I WANT IT to look like a 2D Side scroller!!!

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And I don’t want FOV to change. It’s Mario for PC…

THEN use render.RenderView!!!

What’s so hard to understand. You asked for help how to do it, I told you to use render.RenderView, you asked for what hooks to use, I told you to use HUDPaint.
If you want further help such as code, then say that.
Stop typing with captialized words and exclamation marks because you just look dumb.

No, I just asked if I had to add hooks… and I want it to look like a sidescroller<snip>

What is/are the ortho parameters?

I know that you want to make a 2D sidescroller, since you’ve said that 20 times by now, why would I direct you to something that isn’t a sidescroller then?

RenderView lets you render a new view from whereever you want in the world, at what angle you want, you can change the FOV (if you want) and you can turn on orthographic drawing, which does what you want.

Read more:

http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index2b71.html (example)

I must prefer Maurits, I next-to-never check the official wiki.

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Is it necessary to have ortholeft, orthoright, orthotop, and orthobottom defined?

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Also, what kind of number do those want? An actual world coordinate, or a ratio to the screen itself, 1 top, -1 bottom, or 0 bottom; left -1 or 0, right 1?

If you keep using the outdated wiki noone is gonna help you just saying.

If you have a problem with the new wiki tell me, I did most of it.

My problem is this: I remember nothing from July 13th 2012 to September 1st 2012. I wasn’t even alive when Garry’s Mod had it’s latest big update, technically, as I was being kept alive in the hospital. Also, I have used the ‘new’ wiki, but when I did, it didn’t have what I was looking for, so I went back to maurits!
Now, please, back to my most recent questions, and the main one:

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Okay, mathematically, it is only 1:00 over in Britain, so where are all of the earlier risers and late sleepers? (8:14 PM USA EST)

And did you update the new wiki with the information it was missing?

If you don’t add anything, what right do you have to complain when it’s missing something?

One: I don’t know how to update it, Two: There was not even a page for my needs, and Three: BACK ON TOPIC!!!

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Back on topic before I buy and <snip>

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What did I so wrong???