Orthographic Render View: How to do it in a swep

All I want to know is what I should write to get a 2D-Sidescroller look with certain (Mario) sweps. I will also have 3D, so I can’t do it in gamemode. Furthermore, do I need the table.ortholeft/right/top/bottom flags to be set? And what numbers do those use, 1 being the most?? -1 being the least??
This reminds me of Halo… Perspective:


Perspective Mario:


What I want, Orthographic Mario:

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I will get images from the editor soon.

Are you serious, you already made like four threads that have been answered multiple times.

Use render.RenderView with the HUDPaint hook. If you keep ignoring the answer, stop posting the same question. If you don’t know what the value is, try testing it and seeing the results. trial and error.

I wasn’t given the code! I want to know the code for it, ALL of it. Do I need table.orthoright/left etc!!! They haven’t answer it as I wanted! I get the gist of it, but do I need the top/bottom/left/right, and the other thread I kept open was practically DEAD. Your response upsets me!

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And I haven’t ignored any answers, the problem is that -.- besides getting banned for my anger, they still haven’t told me everything I want to know. I tried to make this thread more specific.
I should work on the HUD right now, though, but I hope you understand what it was I wanted. ):

Noone is gonna help you if you an ass like that.

Why not just pay someone to make it for you?

Stop… Angering… ME!!! I don’t want to spend any extra money on my own project. For that matter, I can’t find anyone to do that, except my college amigos, but I just started college… I doubt many know anything of Lua, and I am currently under 24/7 supervision by my immediate family. I am not going to pay anyone online because I don’t trust giving away my card information to any illegitimate places (non-commercial) I just want the code, and I am not going to do anything I don’t have to just to get this done >_<

Did you seriously just post that? :v:

You can’t force us to help you, either you make a request (which you’ve done), explain it carefully so anybody can understand it, then you wait for somebody to help you. If nobody gives a fuck in a few days, then deal with that nobody wants to help you. Or, you can go to the hire thread, say what you want and how much you’ll pay, then get it served on a plate for you.
OR, you can try code it yourself, if you fuck up with YOUR code, post it and we’ll try help you.

Are you 100% sure you’re not actually twelve?

Nobody wants to give you code, Learn to code and don’t be a skid.

What? You’re literally saying “LIKE MARYO BUT IN GMOD!!!”, throwing up a few picture of Mario and calling it a day. Have you actually made any progress? All you’ve done really is ask a bunch of people to code it for you. Example:


Because paypal isn’t a thing.

I’m 18, and this has already gotten off topic >_< Please, just tell me what I need to write to get this working with a swep!!! Please!

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Oh my god, Ericson666 You are soo ignorant. I have made progress, I made progress before I made the thread, so please, shut up. I don’t have paypal and I don’t want it! Either way, I’m not paying for this! I turned 18 on July 25th 2012, and I was born July 25 1994, so f**k off! I got a brain injury lately, hence the 24/7 supervision; I get angrier faster, and I am a lot less mature. Still, those things are on their way to being fixed.

Stop making excuses, everyone knows you’re 12. You even made a post somewhere around here how you needed anwsers fast because you couldn’t go to bed past nine.

hook.Add(“Think”, “orthoview”, function()
local client = LocalPlayer();



Run this clientside.

6/10 should’ve used string.char

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would not run clientside

I can’t get to bed past 9 because of my parents -.- if I wasn’t being supervised, I would go to bed like I did when I was 17… at 4 in the morning.

Anyways, do I need ortholeft, orthoright, top, and bottom to be s-1 pecified, and what do those take for numbers? -1 to +1?

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Plus, with the brain injury from July 15, before I turned 18, I am less mature… less patient… and more easily angered. I act closer to 12.


Stop straining your brain trying to demand 20 something lines of code; if you truly have a brain injury (or the brain of a 12 year old), screaming into your computer and telling Facepunch about it won’t help you.

Now if you’re serious about making code for Garry’s Mod, either learn LUA or hire a coder. It’s as simple as that.

Oh shit, I think he’s serious about the brain damage. Check his post history from back in July

Thank you for referencing the past. I was 17, then. We can’t see that link unless we are admin, I believe, though.
I have not been screaming at my computer… nor even trying to make this, but I would like to know for when I do. I would like to test it soon, however.

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Now seriously, if you are in this thread, please, either help me with the ACTUAL topic of this thread, or go away. Please. All of the posts I have gotten in both threads that change the topic, or are off topic, are damaging my brain even more (sarcasm), but they are making me want to blow my brains out, which I have thought about doing many times since July 13th. (Not sarcasm)