OS Paged pool memory problem AGAIN

This never used to happen once I went to 384MB, but I recently deleted garrysmod and when I reinstalled it after a month or two, and when I went to play this problem kept coming up.

And suggestions?



I looked into this and read that people using team fortress 2 are crashing due to having under 400mb of memory.Try removing a few things and it might then work.



OH, Well the thing is, My gmod folder is under 2 gigs (all time low) and its been running great except for now.

Well i didnt mean youre gmod is full of junk, maybe just got to many programms installed.

Thats true, I read that OS paged pool is kind of like ram in a way, if too many programs are running its lower significantly. Thanks, Ill look into it.

Np, if it does’nt work just say and ill try think of something else.



Im going to defrag my computer tonight, usually I get around 30 gigs back from 8 hours of defrag. Seriously


Thanks for the help .badmin.

Same was at me my gmod crashed but i got a new virus software. That helped